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The Psychology of Alfred Adler

Fellow Austrian Alfred Adler, born 1870 in Vienna, Austria, died 1937 in Aberdeen, Scotland, might not be as much talked about as his contemporaries Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud, but is a very interesting psychologist to take a closer look at. His ideas and belief system allow for a perspective on life based on independent thought and confidence in oneself, while at the same time providing a value framework that encourages to do good for others.

Using Estimates, Experiments, and Evidence to Understand your Customers

In this article, I’ll talk about the importance of setting up Marketing experiments, measuring them and keeping track of your key metrics. We’ll look at example experiments and I’ll explain how you can get insights from them. This system is built upon my main mantra for data informed marketing: Everything you think is only an assumption. You need to verify your assumptions by running experiments and delivering evidence.

Creating Repeatable, Measurable Marketing Building Blocks

In this article, I will walk through a system I developed during my time at Codeship which allows your team to create quantifiable, repeatable marketing experiments. I called it “Campaign Building Blocks”. These Building Blocks will help you and your team coming up with - and creating - repeatable, measurable marketing experiments. If you’re interested in setting up your own Campaign Building Blocks I’ll provide a free downloadable template for you later in the article.