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Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Startup mentor, Angel Investor

I am an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Digital Marketing Consultant, born in 1986 in Vienna, Austria. I enjoy writing and performing music, like to study philosophy, and am a sports enthusiast (I played professional junior table tennis).

People close to me describe me as a very analytical, empathetic person who is structured and loves spreadsheets and digging into numbers.


Founder at - an online content marketing course series that teaches the tried and trusted frameworks and processes I use to help companies become multi-million dollar businesses.
Founder/VP Marketing at Codeship, a VC funded technology SaaS startup sold in 2018.
Founder of the Codeship Blog, a technology blog with more than 1 million unique visitors per year.
Previously Director of Marketing at CloudBees.

Growing a business from $0 to a multi-million-dollar business

Having founded my own company (Codeship) and having gone through the process of growing a SaaS business from $0 to a multi-million-dollar business has allowed me to benefit from a vast variety of experiences.

Within 6 years, my co-founders and I were able to build a fully remote company with 40+ employees. We scaled the business to thousands of customers and raised multiple VC rounds worth more than $10MM. We sold the company in February 2018.

Growing a blog to more than 1 million unique readers per year

As founder of the Codeship Blog, I built a content writer network with more than 30 authors publishing multiple technology articles per week. The engine I built around content creation, author relations, and content distribution made it possible to grow the Codeship Blog to more than 1 million unique readers per year with an average on-page time of more than 3 minutes and a +100% reader growth year-over-year. You can learn in detail about how I did this in my marketing course module "Building a Content Marketing Engine".

I specialize in Marketing consulting for