Angel Investments

I am angel investor participating in pre-seed and seed stage companies. I mainly invest in dev, data, and privacy companies. If you want to talk with me, feel free to get in touch on Twitter @manualwise.

Company Category Round Website Tagline
Artillery Dev Pre Seed Planet-scale performance testing
DX Dev Pre Seed Empower your developers to work as happily and productively as possible
GraphCDN Dev Pre Seed Peace of mind for your GraphQL API thanks to GraphQL Edge Caching
Hightouch Data Series A Supercharge your business teams with customer data
Kanary Privacy Pre Seed Know what the internet knows about you
Laserfocus Sales Pre Seed The most delightful way to use Salesforce
Soveren Privacy Seed Detect and resolve privacy incidents and risks
Sym Dev Pre Seed Create perfect security workflows every time
Wally Health Health-Tech Pre Seed Personalized, expert-led dental care at home
Stealth Privacy - - -

Advisory Roles

I am proud to be taking on an advisory role for the following companies.

Company Category Website Tagline
CloudForecast Dev Monitor and eliminate wasted AWS cost
Soveren Privacy Detect and resolve privacy incidents and risks